Anonymous whispered:
You remind me of a mermaid I heard about in a story once she experienced the same tragic events as you but you got off easy you are still alive she is just foam because of some bull shit about mermaids not havering a soul but you would know that is wrong I just wish I could remember her name (and I am not talking about the Disney version)

"Do tell as to why I would care about her misfortune. You think I’m lucky for still living? Hilarious. I would rather be dead than continue living like a monster."

“Ha, you’re finally paying me back after all this time. I guess we did try to kill each other at first, huh? I said you were weak…I guess if I had beat you up even more, you would have just gotten back up…You’re mad, aren’t you? You can’t forgive anyone for what’s happened. I know. Once you feel better, come back to us, okay?”



Madoka nodded to confirm that she had indeed been doing well.

Oktavia’s next question threw Madoka off. She looked away from her. It was definitely an unusual one. The words echoed in her head.“Will I ever get a happy ending?”

Was it even possible to answer that? The knowledge Madoka had now contained showed many possibilities of Sayaka’s life. Some led to a grand happiness while others showed differently. She frowned. It just wasn’t possible to give a definite answer to Oktavia. I can’t say that to her… Sayaka-chan…


“Sayaka-chan, it’s…” Madoka paused and considered her words. She couldn’t say this outright. It wouldn’t bring happiness to her friend. She still wanted to instill hope within Oktavia. Her heartbeat with nervousness and faced her friend. She hoped she was making the right decision in saying this.

“Sayaka-chan, it’s possible,” she attempted to relieve her friend. “You can still obtain happiness. Don’t worry. I’m here. I’ll always make sure that everything will be all right.”


Oktavia saw how difficult it was for Madoka to come up with a reply, which fueled her anger even more. “What is that supposed to mean? Madoka, even you know this! Witches can’t obtain happiness! We were created from our very own despair!” Her tone was hysterical and glared at Madoka with desperate eyes. “You wouldn’t understand… You’re the embodiment of hope, while I and many others have become the embodiment of our own despair… In the end, we are meant to suffer until someone manages to defeat us.” 

The witch grew cold and scowls at the goddess’ attempts to lift her spirits up. This began to sicken her and she grew repulsed just by sensing the hope radiating off of Madoka.


"Yes, you eradicated the existence of Witches in several timelines, but I still exist, and I am still not happy! Just seeing you trying to bring us all happiness makes me sick! You can’t help us nor can you save us! It’s already too late!" Oktavia clenches her fist, attempting to keep herself from attacking her friend. "You wouldn’t understand. You never understood. Just like when I was going into despair…. All you could do was watch as I met my end, and you continue to do so to this very day. I’m still suffering, Madoka. So, don’t lie to me about having a chance at happiness. I know I will never be happy… Never…"


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Fissure (orchestratedlove)


It had been quite some time since Madoka checked up on the witches within Mitakihara. Her duties had been focused elsewhere so her worries of whether or not things were well had heightened. I really hope everyone’s still getting along! I’ll really have to apologize if something did happen… Ehe…


Although she was a goddess who shouldn’t ever be favoring any single witch, the ones born from her friends of different timelines were among the ones she wanted to check up on first. Homulily, Oktavia, Candeloro, and Ophelia were still her dear to her. Even with these twisted forms, these girls were still her most precious of friends. In a way.

She glided towards the nearest one of them and entered the barrier. A familiar music entered Madoka’s ears. The sound of an orchestra playing grew louder and louder as she arrived at the center of the barrier. Madoka saw her in the distance. The witch that bore a similar appearance to her dear friend Miki Sayaka: Oktavia von Seckendorff, the mermaid witch.

Madoka smiled and approached her.

“Sayaka-chan! Hello!” she greeted with a wave. “I haven’t seen you in so long! How are you?”


Oktavia lingered about in her barrier, staring at her orchestra playing their beloved tune. Ah, how long as it been since she’s paid close attention to their melody? She closes her eyes and thinks back on those faded pieces called ‘memories’. The memories of Miki Sayaka. Oh, how foolish she was, going around and calling herself an ally of justice. So many thinks she wished she could take back, and yet, there was one thing in particular that she didn’t regret.

She didn’t regret wishing for the happiness of the one she loved.

The mermaid witch then felt someone enter her barrier. The power she sensed from them was superior than anyone who has ever stumbled inside, which can only mean one thing. Madoka was here. That smile of hers and cheerful aura was enough to snap her out of her sorrow for even one moment and she cherished the Goddess’ visits, for they were very, very rare.

"Madoka…" Oktavia gazes at Madoka, giving a small smile in return. She still called her Sayaka-chan, something she was not accustomed to. Though it brought her happiness to be called that by her dear friend, it also left her with a small pang of anger. "I’ve been doing fine. Nothing eventful has happened here, save for your arrival. How about you? I’m certain that you’ve been doing well."

The witch then felt the urge to confront her friend about an issue that has been troubling her for a while now. She thought about all the timelines that had existed and has seen many versions of her Magi self enter her barrier. Some were still struggling with their despair, while a few had been able to overcome that. However, they all met the same fate, didn’t they?

"Madoka, I have to ask you something," Oktavia sighs, a stoic expression on her face. "Will I ever get a happy ending?"